Oral Surgery in Greenville SC includes any surgery performed in or around the mouth.
This includes all types of dental extraction, including molars, wisdom teeth removal or any
other type tooth including impacted tooth surgery. The cost of the procedure varies with the
difficulty of the procedure and each patient’s unique characteristics. Every person’s mouth is
as unique as they are. Detailed X-rays are necessary to insure optimum results for each patient. Many nerves pass through the roots of the teeth and knowing the exact position of the teeth and these nerves is absolutely critical.

Some Oral Surgery services are designed to prepare the mouth for other dental procedures.
These include all pre-prosthetic surgery procedures including torus mandibularis, tissue
conditioning, exostosis removal, labial frenectomy, linqual frenectomy, excision of hyperplastic
tissue, dental bone graft and alveoplasty.

Complications from extractions are very rare, but do happen occasionally. These can include
Dry Socket, Pain, infection or bleeding. Your Oral Surgeon can make you aware of all the risks associated with your particular procedure.

Through education and understanding we work to help patients feel more at ease with their
potential procedures. The Oral Surgeons associated with Greenville SC Dentist are dedicated
to their patients’ health and well being. Financial arrangements may be made with finance departments for Oral Surgery procedures.

Additional Resources for Oral Surgery Information include:

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons